Tips For Purifying The Air In A Home

Inside a home, the air can become stagnant, especially when it’s too hot or too cold to open the windows. This means that odors and toxins don’t have a chance to dissipate. Fortunately there are several things people can do to purify the air in their homes.

Buy Some House Plants

House plants are more than just pretty decorations. A plant can absorb pollutants through its leaves and eliminate them from the air, while chemicals in the plant’s soil help to neutralize them. House plants are especially good at eliminating toxins that can lead to asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Keep The House Clean

This tip seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth stating. Dust is a major component of poor-quality air, so running a dust cloth over the furniture daily can really make a difference. If there are pets in the house, vacuuming may need to be done on a daily basis. Many people find that they can keep their homes cleaner if they don’t allow outdoor shoes inside the house.

Change The Filter In The HVAC System

Another simple fix that can improve air quality in a home is replacing old air filters. It’s a good idea to change the furnace filter at the beginning of winter and to replace the AC filter when the weather starts to get warm. Not only does a clean air filter do a better job of removing contaminants from the air, it’s also less likely to develop mold than a filter that’s been left in place for a long time.

Use An Exhaust Fan In The Kitchen

In most kitchens, an exhaust fan is installed above or behind the oven range. The purpose of the fan is to draw away cooking odors and steam, vent them to the outdoors, and replace them with fresh air. Fans not only help minimize strong cooking odors like fish and garlic, but they also help reduce moisture in the air, which can lead to mold and mildew throughout the house. To learn more tips for keeping the air clean in the kitchen, visit

Other tips include leaving windows open for at least a few minutes every day and using natural scented oils. Cleaning the air leads to better health and a more pleasant home environment.