5 Things to Consider Before you Buy a Home Safe

1.Items for Safe Storage

Home safes aren’t always crammed full of gold bars. More often than not they are used for the safe storage of items that would be regarded as worthless by an intruder. Some of the most commonly stored are irreplaceable possessions of sentimental value and important personal documents. A home safe provides secure storage for belongings you want to keep at hand and that might otherwise be accidentally lost. Large sums of money or gold bullion is best stored in a bank vault.

  1. Fireproof

One of the advantages of opting for a fireproof home safe is the extra security it provides for vulnerable old family photographs and necessary household documents such as insurance policies or wills. Home safes with fire-resistant qualities will withstand the intense heat of a fire for one, one-and-a-half or two hours. When choosing, consider the length of time it would take for a fire engine to reach your home. A fireproof safe is also designed to withstand the impact of an explosion.

  1. Location

Think carefully about where your new home safe is to be situated. It must fit perfectly flush with a solid, even surface such as a concrete floor or wall. Any gaps will provide convenient points of access for burglars to prise it away. It must never be fixed to floorboards as intruders have been known to simply saw through the planks. Don’t draw attention to your safe but disguise it to blend in with the surroundings of the room.

  1. Size

Safes are available in a variety of sizes. Larger versions are usually designed for storage within commercial establishments whereas the average home safe is relatively small. Consider the nature of the items you want to store. Documents such as passports or computer files with vital data stored on them will need only a small area. Bulkier items such as boxes that contain your coin collection or books full of valuable stamps will need more space.

  1. Locks

Home safes are available with a variety of locking devices ranging from manually operated combination locks to those with sophisticated digital mechanisms. Locks have progressed rapidly in recent years due to technology and you may need to seek advice on which would best suit your requirements. For advice on locks or any other aspect of installing the most suitable home safe contact Secure Safe for expert help.