How to Choose a Bar Maker

Attracting customers to your bar involves much more than having shelves full of the latest drinks and cocktails. Competition is fierce in this area so you need something special to make your establishment stand apart from the rest but how do you set about choosing a company that will help you become one of the star attractions?


The most important factor when choosing someone to design your new bar is reputation. You need to investigate different design companies that have recently worked in creating various bar projects. If you know of any rival bars that have had successful makeovers try to find out who was responsible for their stunning designs. What was their experience like of the company that did the work? Were schedules on target? Did they come within budget? Moreover, how closely did they translate the vision and plans the bar owners originally had? Personal recommendations are important in choosing a bar maker as they give you first hand knowledge of the working relationships they established.


If you think you may have identified a company you could rely on then you need to be sure they will translate the ideas you have into a reality. Many contemporary bars are based upon a theme such as an underwater tropical paradise or a Caribbean hut filled with reclaimed timbers. If you are short on ideas try a Google search for images of bars you admire or think you would like to visit yourself if you were a customer. Innovative bar makers and designers will be able to help you out with a theme. If they are imaginative you need only supply the faintest idea for them to work with and they will create a choice of designs you are sure to like.


Renovating a bar can be expensive enough without wasting money on poor time-keeping or delays caused through a lack of coordination between the designers, builders and carpenters. The most efficient team of bar makers will be able to offer you an all in one package that they will personally supervise from the beginning of the project until its conclusion. There will be no unnecessary interruptions to your schedule as every task will be planned and carried out down to the finest detail. They will respect your wishes to have your opening launch at a specified date and work tirelessly to ensure their commitment is met.


Bar makers with an excellent reputation will also ensure that they keep within the budget you both agreed before they commenced work. They won’t add on unforeseen expenses by installing materials that are more expensive than those on the initial plans unless you specifically request them to.

Who to Choose

It is not difficult to locate a superb design company with all these attributes. Dawnvale have more than twenty years’ experience at designing some of the most original and innovative bars. Their reputation in translating the vaguest dreams into stunning showpieces is unrivalled.